9S7-17B112-208 - MSI GS73VR 7RF 208UK Stealth Pro - 17.3" - Core i7 7700HQ - 16 GB RAM - 256 GB SSD

9S7-17B112-208 - MSI GS73VR 7RF 208UK Stealth Pro - 17.3" - Core i7 7700HQ - 16 GB RAM - 256 GB SSD + 2 TB HDD

9S7-17B112-208 - MSI GS73VR 7RF 208UK Stealth Pro - 17.3" - Core i7 7700HQ - 16 GB RAM - 256 GB SSD + 2 TB HDD 9S7-17B112-208

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ManufacturerMSIPart number
Display Size17.3 in
Weight2.43 kg
Hard Drive Capacity2.256 TB
Memory Installed16 GB
Optical StorageNone
ProcessorCore i7
Operating SystemWindows 10
  • A powerful processor
  • Ultra-speed storage
  • DDR4 memory support
  • Dynamic temperature and performance balancing
  • One port for fast data transfer, 4K pixels and 5V/3A device charging
  • Cooler Boost Trinity - triple enhanced fans for ultra slim platform
  • The ultimate PC gaming platform
  • VR ready
  • Embrace the enthusiast level virtual reality experience
  • True-to-life viewing experience
  • Multi-task with up to 4 monitors
  • True Color technology
  • True Color profile
  • A keyboard all gamers desire for
The perfect combination of this MSI gaming laptop and a powerful processor brings you performance enhancement of smoother VR experience. The processor utilizes a power-efficient microarchitecture, advanced process technology and silicon optimizations to deliver faster performance. 4K video decoding/transcoding is also improved. The media engine also delivers power-efficient VP9 and HEVC 10-bit hardware acceleration. 4K video playback with HDR visual quality is therefore significantly improved. Get in the game before everyone else and harness the full performance potential of the SSD through the optimization of the hardware and software outputting extreme read speeds up beyond limits. Get high performance out of your notebook with support of DDR4 memory, achieving high reading and writing speed to take your extreme gaming experience to the next level.

The exclusive MSI SHIFT technology pushes system to the extreme while minimizing noise and temperature. Switch between different profiles either push your system to the extreme or in pursuit of longer battery life. Easily activate it by pressing the hotkey combo. Boost notebooks to higher clock setups to satisfy your need of speed. Fan speed will be accelerated to make the platform stable and keep the CPU and GPU temperature lower. MSI adopts the Thunderbolt 3 interface on this gaming notebook. This fastest interface supports up to 40Gbps data transfer rates and 4K displays with daisy chain capabilities. Its USB 3.1 ultra-speed interface supports up to 5V and 3A current output for charging.

Heat is the most original element on earth. It's pure physics that more energy will generate more heat. Cooling is therefore a knotty task to tackle with. Cooler Boost Trinity consists of triple enhanced fans. The number of blades reaches up to 41, increasing 30% more airflow. Independent thermal solution on both CPU and GPU with a total of 5 heat pipes makes sure that heat doesn't pile up on either CPU or GPU, so that both can deliver its best extreme gaming performance. Unleash your gaming dominance with a powerful GPU that turn your mobile rig into a sleek, powerful gaming weapon with unbeatable energy-efficiency, gaming technologies, and VR immersion wherever you game.

Discover next-generation VR performance with low latency, and plug-and-play compatibility. VR audio, physics, and haptic let you hear and feel every moment. The perfect combination of MSI gaming laptops and sophisticated graphics brings you the enthusiast level of VR experience. It provides an exceptionally smooth, powerful mobile platform for ultimate VR games. Perfect for you to immerse in the amazing artificial world and explore different ways of gaming. IPS level display with higher gamut of 72% NTSC color range improves image clarity with higher pixel resolution. Images are amazingly sharp and vivid in contrast level. Hence, images are more vivid even from left and right side of the viewing angle. When you're playing games, you will have breathtaking and brilliantly true-to-life viewing experience. Expand the vision for extreme gaming experience. MSI innovative Matrix Display supports up to 4 external displays simultaneously. Multi-task is made possible even during competitive gameplays. Connect the laptop to HDTV display. The Matrix Display supports 4K output with a resolution up to 3840 x 2160. MSI Matrix Display technology creates an ideal environment for extreme gaming experience and pleasant multimedia entertainment.

MSI True Color technology guarantees that each panel in a MSI notebook comes with the finest precision in color. After examination and an extensive factory calibration process by the MSI True Color technology, the panel quality will be more accurate, close to 100% sRGB. Hence, each color is delivered with the highest standard precision in detail, guaranteeing excellent color fidelity for many use applications. Vision and sound are the most important two factors in this field. You now get to see clearer than your enemies to always get one step ahead of the rest. Besides Gaming Mode, True Color technology also offers prefect color accuracy for 5 more scenarios. Work or play, you can easily switch to the mode that best suits your eyes. The profile sharing feature permits you to share your True Color settings to other users anywhere.

Every hardware detail of the keyboard is calculated and especially designed for professional gamers' needs. Better responsive and tactile feedback, optimum WASD zone and support of multi-key inputs are all for gamers to gain full command over gaming missions.


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